Saturday, 14 Oct 2017

Grant to me, O Lord, the penitence of the publican who
dared not raise his eyes to heaven, the desire of the prodigal
who longed to return home and the wisdom of the merchant who
surrendered all to possess the kingdom. Amen.

Rabbula of Edessa (d. 435)

Prayer for farmers
Loving God, we give you thanks for all those who work so
hard, in all kinds of weather and, sometimes in very difficult
circumstances, to produce food for our tables. May we never
take those who work on the land for granted, but always be mindful
of the struggles they face. We pray for all those who live in
small villages where amenities are dwindling. May our rural
churches and chapels support them in the fight for justice
in daily living. We pray for young farmers groups, for
chaplains in the auction markets and for the work of the
Farming Community Network. And may we trust you for all that is
to come as we give thanks for all that is past.

Jane Gibson, deacon, North Lancashire Circuit