Articles from Word in Time

Podcast 8, 2008

Revd Tom Quenet talks to Karen about revival in the Colombian Methodist Church and Revd Stephen Poxon talks about the realities of street life for Children in Bangladesh. Also, Father Taddy, a Benedictine monk from Belgium, shares his thoughts on Methodist worship in England...

Podcast 7, 2008

Hear about the coronation of Methodist Monarch, King Tupou V of Tonga and how an MRDF partner project has helped farmers in Cameroon as Christine Elliot and Isabelle Carboni talk about their eye-opening visits abroad. Anna also catches up with King's College Dean Professor Richard Burridge at Greenbelt and asks what it means when Christians say we should be "biblical" about something.

Podcast 6, 2008

Richard Prendergast speaks about getting God on the frontline. Anna asks Cathy Hill of the Langley House Trust if some people are beyond rehabilitation... Samuel Quacoo is a lay worker from the Methodist Church in the Gambia. On a whirlwind visit to the UK, he dropped by the studio just long enough to share his thoughts on the trip and explain what is means to be a mission live partner.

Podcast 5, 2008

This month Revd Carl Beech asks if something is missing from our churches - men! Steve Pearce and Stewart Randall talk about the real meaning of financial stewardship. Graham Sparkes talks about a new housegroup resource aimed at getting churches involved in politics.

Podcast 4, 2008

This month we hear from Revd Ruth Gee, Chair of the working group on human embryology and early human life about the group's report to Conference, Christine Elliot tells the story of life on the Jafna Peninsula of Sri Lanka and AJ from the Christian Motorcyclists Association speaks to Anna about being a born-again biker.

Podcast 3, 2008

This month, Revd Mark Powley talks to Anna about how we can all live simpler lives and Steve Hucklesby explains what the Climate Change Bill means for us. Also, prominent black theologian Dr Anthony Reddie tells Toby what he means by 'black theology'.

Podcast 2, 2008

This month's podcast is slightly different, with two longer interviews. Anna spoke to Amanda Norman from MRDF and Revd Dr Martyn Atkins, President of the Methodist Conference, about their recent visit to Uganda. She also heard from Revd Will Van der Hart and Dr Rob Waller, Directors of mental health website Mind and Soul, about Christian responses to mental health issues.

Podcast 1, 2008

For the first podcast of the New Year, Kone Mamadou explains the hardships of daily life in Southern Mali and David Webster explains why the Church is launching its very own credit card. Also, Tony Miles talks to Anna about the life and ministry of the late Revd Rob Frost. Our apologies for the poor quality of the final interview - this is due to technical problems.

The Methodist Takeover Day Podcast

November's podcast is rather different as the content is provided entirely by children from Years 4 and 6 at St Mary's Primary School, Bryanston Square. The children came to takeover Methodist Church House as part of 11Million Day on November 23. Our thanks go to all our young journalists and their willing interviewees. For more information, visit