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Sacred Spaces 577 – Um…

Um, I promise, I am not the “word police.” Um, was just a motivation for this week’s SS. (God speaks to me through various things. Humbled.) — So recently, I’ve noticed the UM’S of people. From video clips to voice notes to live conversation. I’m guilty of the UM too. I remembered in high school […]

Sacred Spaces 575 – Divine Human

“God in my living There in my breathing God in my waking God in my sleeping God in my resting There in my working God in my thinking God in my speaking” (Tim Hughes – Be my Everything) I was at this workshop on Saturday morning at a church in London (Kingston) and during one […]

Sacred Spaces 572 – It’s not my culture…

Embrace different cultures! It’s fun and interesting to learn about others cultures. Been thinking about culture recently: Coming from South Africa; the country is dubbed as the “rainbow nation” because of it’s various cultures. Recently, walking the streets of Amsterdam and London – I am amazed at the various cultures that one can pass by. […]