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Sacred Spaces 533 – The Scenic Way

During my run this morning I noticed all this traffic on the way to work: (There were more cars than what this picture depicts) These people were taking the scenic route to work. Note: There is another way they could take to get to their workplaces. There is a road that runs parallel to this […]

Sacred Spaces 532 – The community of saints (I still believe)

Wow, it’s been almost three months since I’ve last written a Sacred Space. (Good to be back.) So I work for a great Christian Student Training Centre called PNEUMATIX We are really blessed to have such a diverse range of students. This week, each student go to share their story. How they got here? A […]

Sacred Spaces 529 – Friend of God

Yesterday, in Chapel, we sang an old song “I am a friend of God” (by Israel Houghton – 2004) The simple line of the Chorus: “I am a friend of God” Got me thinking… of the profound theology and philosophy of that statement: If we really lived that out. It would be a healthy and […]

Sacred Spaces 527 – Nahum!

Scripture is full of little gems. No matter how old you are, you can still learn new things. And discover new things too. Part of tour (with my team from Pneumatix) we spend each day in devotion (as a team) where one of the students will share something. Recently one of them shared from Nahum […]