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February 2006 Podcast

Back after the New Year break, we talk to Kirsty Smith about the successes and future of the MAKE POVERTY HISTORY campaign, Jan Sutch Picard tells us about life for children on the West Bank and we ask Jonathan Bartley whether politics and religion really can mix.

December Podcast 2005

In the final podcast of 2005, we hear from Prakash Wagle from the education charity Kopila Nepal and Co-ordinating Secretary Jonathan Kerry about his travels in the Far East. We also speak to new Youth President Kevin Jones and leaving Youth President Chris Cornell about Youth Conference and their struggles with the Church.

November Podcast 2005

Our November podcast features a contribution from Tom Stuckey, President of the Conference, at a recent rally outside the Houses of Parliament in favour of trade justice. We also have interviews with Youth Executive member John Cooper and Lawrence Waring, the editor of Methodist news magazine Momentum. It was produced by Anna Drew and Toby Scott at Methodist Church House, and edited by Anna Drew.

October Podcast 2005

The October podcast features contributions from three people with very different experiences of how their Church life has taken them abroad. Produced at methodist Church House by Anna Drew and Toby Scott, and edited by Anna Drew.

September 2005 Podcast

The September podcast features interviews with General Secretary David Deeks, Creative Arts Coordinator Sarah Middleton and news of new children's initiatives from Steve Pearce and Doug Swanney. It was produced by Toby Scott and Anna Drew, and edited by Anna Drew.

August 2005 Podcast

The first podcast from the Methodist Church. A discussion on: a first timer's view of the Methodist Conference, websites, Pray Without Ceasing.

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The Communicator of the Future

There's no doubting it: the church is out of touch. Some young people and families have left, complaining that it is irrelevant and not fulfilling their spiritual needs. If The Methodist Church is going to halt it's decline, it must be able to communicate the Christian message to a 21st century audience. The media service, then, has been investigating what the communicator of the future is going be like....

Taking to the Water

Increasingly, the church is called to go outside it's four walls and witness in the community. One Methodist Minister has gone even further - he's taken to the water. Revd Maurice Perry is Waterways chaplain in Lincolnshire, and talks here of outreach, community and a very timely intervention...

Money Money Money

The Central Finance Board has £800m entrusted to it by The Methodist Church and Methodist organisations. That's a lot of money! How does it invest it ethically, as well as making it work for the good of others? Listen here to John Ellis, Secretary for Business and Economic Affairs, talking about the recent history of Methodism and ethical investment, the scriptural backing for ethical investment, and the newly re-formed Churches Investors Group, which will look at how money can be used as an instrument of good...